CWWK dual Ten Gigabit mini console released


  • Based on Intel's 8/10 generation Core platform, the 10-Gigabit Mini will be available on the last day of May!

    Ordinary four network ports, five network ports, six network ports have not been able to meet the needs of enthusiasts, Chang network love to do other homes want to do and do not work, "double ten gigabit" "eight network ports" type of mini host this call, to provide more fun to play the program, the future of this board as a prototype, and constantly upgrade.

    The first one is based on the 8/10 generation core CPU, the performance of 16 PCIe3.0 with 10 gigabit network card is fully utilized (better than the N5105/N6005 of the ION series), the basic TDP power consumption of 15W is also excellent, compatible with Intel's last generation of processors that only support traditional mode startup. In the stable operation of more systems and software applications, this platform will also be a classic generation, and the successful experience on this platform will also provide experience for us to absorb on the next generation of platform board upgrades.

    Motherboard memory slot for SO-DDR4 dual memory slot, a single can be inserted 32GB memory, the maximum 64GB, a built-in PCI-E X8 seat (X4 signal) can expand more adapter board, display to provide HDMI+DP dual display support 4K, reserve a two-in-one audio interface, a RJ45 COM port.

    In terms of storage, an M.2 NVMe x1 signal supports 2280 size solid-state disk, and has 6 SATA3.0 interfaces, which is expanded by ASM1064 chip. At the beginning of the design, it is also wanted to make a small ten gigabit disk NAS to use. Enthusiasts with strong hands-on ability can use 3D printing to create the smallest six-disk NAS. The mainboard reserves two 2.5/3.5-inch hard disk power supply interfaces, a large 4-PIN terminal can carry three disks, the motherboard design 12V power supply, the maximum 20A input, the use of the motherboard built-in power supply seat can easily carry six 16T hard disks, SATA interface native connection, the motherboard supports 2.5/3.5-inch hard disk power supply even the hard disk backplane is saved. Hands-on ability can try to change the NAS, we open the motherboard and adapter board, network card DXF drawings.

    Capable players can also study the trial installation of black screen fruit OS on this model?? I heard this platform is perfect for black screen.